What’s Being Shipped Out of China?

What’s Being Shipped Out of China?

We think you’ll agree that logistics and shipment volume play a vital function within the success of an eCommerce business.

Both measure the health of one’s business as well because the economic development of a country; the more shipments, the higher economy.

Delivery companies differ in price from one country to another, but they share one common goal – to deliver the goods as fast as possible.

However, if a country has been consistently shipping an overwhelming amount of parcels, would not this pique your curiosity as a business owner?

If you happen to ask us, we’d look into it right away, and so we did!

The Country with the Largest Parcel Volume

Based on international shipping statistics, China has been shipping the largest parcel volume.

It accounts for 68.seventy nine% of total packages shipped worldwide as of October of this year.

The foremost vacation spot of China’s parcels was the United States where there is a rising number of consumers patronising Chinese products because of their competitive prices.

Aside from that, China’s speedy and cheap delivery service also continues to draw more US prospects to its online stores.

One example of a fast and affordable Chinese shipping service is ePacket, China Post’s specific delivery arm, which is liable for delivering on-line orders to the US, UK, France, Russia and Australia.

What’s Popping out of China?

Granting that China affords low-cost shipping, what products are non-Chinese consumers buying with a purpose to avail themselves of this service?

Based mostly on the data gathered by our research staff, most of China’s shipments comprise top-selling products from on-line stores like Alibaba and AliExpress, namely:

Smartphones and smartwatches

Attire Shoes

Computers and handheld units

Home appliances Home décor and outdoor products

Chinese sellers on Amazon’s marketplace who are leveraging Amazon Prime China, which was launched final month, have also significantly contributed to the number of parcels shipped out of China.

Although China’s eCommerce continues to flourish and improve the amount of shipments for its B2C section, the 2015 data on Chinese exports show that China’s top 10 exports account for over 60% of the country’s international shipments.

Amongst these lucrative export products are:

Digital products

High tech products


Meals and drinks


Medical and industrial clothing and equipment

Plastic and ceramic products

Motors and generators

Steel products


The foremost export destinations of China embrace the US, UK, Netherlands, Hong Kong and international locations in the European Union.

Subsequent to China, Malaysia recorded the most important volume of shipped parcels last month, making up 8.13% of the total number of shipments worldwide.

In response to Malaysia’s 2015 exports data, the top 20 exports of the country embody:

Integrated circuits

Petroleum oils

Semi conductors

Crude oil

Computer parts

Clothing and accessories

TV monitors and projectors


Asphalt mixes

Animal fat

Low-voltage switches and fuses

Phone gadgets

Optical readers

Sound equipment

Home furniture

Meanwhile, giant volumes of parcels shipped from Netherlands, which account for five% of parcels shipped globally, include transport equipment and machinery.

The major destinations of those products are Austria, Africa and the United States.

Meanwhile, Singapore’s total parcel shipment of 3.70% consists of apparel, residence home equipment and groceries.

Hong Kong accounts for 2.60% of the world’s total parcel shipments, and majority of the products shipped out of it are clothing items, accessories, skincare products, shoes and handbags.

You too can ship to more international locations and use a reliable delivery service which isn’t only priced reasonably, however is also capable of delivering orders fast to your customers.

For so long as you might have the appropriate products in stock and an order management system in place, nothing should hinder you from shipping massive volumes of parcels.

Are you dealing with any shipping challenges in your corporation?

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